Today's Friend of MYNAKEDGURU:Conscious Ink



"I just want you to know how each and every day, your message comes through at EXACTLY the right time with the right message for me...specifically and personally. I cannot tell you what magic they bring! Thank you!
"I was driving in my car... and feeling into the whole serendipity of a possible place to rent up in Ojai... and was feeling into my divine goddess purpose and how I most want to manifest/co-create it and right in that moment I get this text message from MyDailyG!--'That SYNC-ing feeling. We've all had SYNCHRONICITIES too uncanny to just be random. Hmm. Is it RANDOM ur getting THIS MESSAGE right NOW??'

I laughed out loud of course and said... well thank you Mr. G and your genius... I get the message! :) And, I moved into that beautiful, magical place in Ojai!!!

Just thought I would thank you... divinely perfect!"

"I don't know about you, but for me the world continues to move faster and faster. The amount of stimuli coming in is overwhelming. I find daily messages so helpful to remind me to becoming present, accept what is, get in touch with stillness--and that is what My Daily G does for me. Short collection of words designed to interrupt the mind chatter for a second. Sometimes, that is all that is needed. Ahhh"
"I signed up for My Daily G to get a reminder each day to take a moment to lighten up, get in touch, be present. On stressful workdays, it was a welcome pause to jolt me out of a bad thought pattern. It was good.

But then, one afternoon I was spending time with a family member whose negativity was draining me. So many things were wrong, so much pain, so unfixable, least of all by me. I was feeling like I just wanted to get out of the car, escape from her and her mountain of problems. Just then, My Daily G came in with a message about compassion for others but also for ourselves. Talk about perfect timing. I took a deep breath and then really listened to her. And it made a world of difference. She felt that shift too. The conversation immediately became more open and we both felt more connected after that. That is when I realized how great My Daily G really is. Being present is much more than just something you say. It?s something you feel. And that well-timed My Daily G changed that moment into something truly meaningful.

In short, I consider My Daily G as my daily gift. If for just one moment in the madness and monotony that is life, it is a small reminder to pause and appreciate, and be your best self. One more thing: My Daily G is always sprinkled with the right amount of funny. I always smile. :-)

So, thank you."

"I have been a happy subscriber to MyDailyG for about a year and just love it. It is so fun to get these little consciousness-raising reminders at random times during the day by cell phone wherever I am. They often say something that seems written just for me to help with whatever challenge or drifting off the path I am currently, and synchronistically, facing. And even if everything is going just great and the Daily does match my daily situation exactly, they always make me smile and assist me in unwrapping the day's gift, and expressing my own, a little faster and more completely. I highly recommend partaking of this delightful daily dose of Living in the Tao, and helping to deal with the Dow and other roller coaster aspects of life."
"With the upward, downward and sideways spinning political office currents we all find ourselves churning in everyday, it's so refreshing to refocus on the things that have lasting meaning in our lives and so comforting to reconnect even if just for a few minutes to our inner voice via the mini life buoys thrown out by My Daily G!"
"Thank You. Your candid humor richly woven into single moments that deeply matter are daily awakenings to be savored!"
"I love My Daily G--concise, insightful thoughts & questions that lead to meaningful action, making everyday life easier, less stressful and more fun."
"Well, there is this little Troll of a woman that I work with who always seems to have a stick jammed so far up her bottom that I'm sure she must constantly have the taste of wood in her mouth. So, I decided once again to follow the Daily G and on my trip to Starbucks I bought her one of those really fancy coffees and a pastry, and what do you know she wiped that sour look right off her face and she actually smiled, and was quite pleasant for the remainder of the day.
Who knows what she will be like tomorrow but for today l just basked in her yellowed tooth smile.
Changing the World with one G at a time."
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